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Samples of Training Projects and Developed Courses


Articulate Storyline: Screenshot of a Screen Recording

(client information redacted)

I developed a full documentation set (including reference manuals and quick start guides) for the web portal and associated iOS app of an online inventory management and ordering system. Additionally, I developed 7 training videos with Articulate Storyline. Each video had an audio script associated with the visuals. Most of these training videos had screen recordings (of the web portal and iOS app) embedded.

image sample of screen recording


eCollege LMS: Mystics in the Creation Spirituality Tradition

(© Rabia Ana Perez-Chisti for Naropa University)

I was asked to update this online class that was minimally adapted from a face-to-face class by the original professor. The original online version had only text with some images. In my update, I added audio and video throughout and made other enhancements to the course.

This is a representative weekly unit of the 15-week course presented using eCollege LMS. I added weekly excerpts (mini-meditations based on a quote from the readings), optional weekly meditations and multimedia (videos, audio clips and PowerPoint presentations as Flash files).

Mystics, eCollege sample


Moodle LMS: Open Source Course Management System Session

(ILT Web Conference, University of Colorado, Denver, CO)

I was one of the main contributors for developing an online session on Moodle (open-source learning system) for a week-long Web conference to be delivered in June, 2008. The screenshot is from the pilot run. I used Moodle features throughout the session. Narrated screen recordings were done with Snapz Pro. Narrated ‘slideshows’ were developed with either PowerPoint or Keynote and presented as QuickTime movies.

This screenshot shows the introduction the course. I selected the theme for the entire session and developed the basic design (based on the theme) and developed most of the overview information. For the introductory module, I developed the introductory slideshow, a visual podcast and discussion questions. I developed all the activities for three content modules.

Moodle sample 1


HTML-based: Apple Network Administrator Toolkit Product Training

(© Apple Computer, Inc.)

This was a Web-based, self-paced training with a leader-led module for training sales representatives. The content was available through several internal organizations and I was responsibile for organizing and presenting the material appropriately in this Web-based training. I worked closely with the initial ‘site’ developers and and with the person who redesigned the site for the final deliverable. This training was so successful that the sales people had clients go through the Web-based portion of the course.

ANAT sample


HyperCard: Macintosh Troubleshooting

(© Apple Computer, Inc.)

This was a HyperCard-based, self-paced training. There were two versions of this course for different systems. The course focus was to develop troubleshooting skills and train users with specific troubleshooting procedures. As collateral material, course participants received a HyperCard-based handbook, which summarized the course information, to take away with them.

Macintosh Troubleshooting (version 2) was included as part of the Introduction to Macintosh Service CD.

The project development team included me (as content specialist), a graphic designer, and a HyperCard programmer.

Macintosh Troubleshooting sample


HyperCard: Macintosh Fundamentals & Beyond

(© Apple Computer, Inc.)

This was a HyperCard-based, self-paced training with additional video and paper-based material. This course was a customer course, as well as an internal Apple course, that gave users a basic understanding of general computer hardware and software technology — with specific information about Macintosh technology and the Macintosh operating system.

The couse was presented on a CD with a laser disc for video materials. The paper-based materials included a Facilitator’s Guide, a Getting Started Guide, a Student Handbook, and other collateral material (such as product data sheets).

The project development team was quite extensive with mulitple writers, video consultants, HyperCard programmers, graphic artists, and production people. (I was the primary course content writer at the end of the project.)

Macintosh Fundamentals & Beyond was the first HyperCard-based interactive training developed at Apple Computer, Inc. Apple received a Gold Cindy award for it from the Association of Visual Communicators.

Macintosh Fundamentals & Beyond sample