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Samples of Printed Documentation


FrameMaker: Bookkeeper

(© Avanquest North America)

Bookkeeper is a Windows bookkeeping program. For this project, I rewrote an existing manual to adhere to current company style standards. I also added new features that were available in that version of the software. The sample shows information and procedures for new features.

Writing sample Windows


InDesign: Berlitz Learning System

(© Nova Development Corp.)

This is a computer-based language-learning tool for both Macintosh and Windows computers. The manual combines instructions for both operating systems.

Writing sample combined OS


Microsoft Word: an Internal Admin and Help Desk Reference Manual

(client information redacted)

The first section of this reference manual was developed for administering customer accounts through a web portal. The web portal and associated iOS app were an online inventory management and ordering system for a major supplier; therefore, this reference manual also gave procedures for using both the web portal and the iOS app.

Writing sample MS Word


QuarkXPress: Photo Objects 150,000

(© Nova Development Corp.)

This product is a collection of photo-realistic clip art for Macintosh users that includes a browser.

Writing sample Mac OS