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Samples of Help Systems

Photo Explosion

(© Nova Development Corp.)

Photo Explosion is a consumer application for managing, organizing, and editing digital photos. This sample includes the Table of Contents showing a topic from the Windows HTML help file (.chm) that was created using WebWorks ePub from FrameMaker source files.

Windows HTML Help sample: TOC

Art Explosion Greeting Card Factory

(© Nova Development Corp.)

Greeting Card Factory is a consumer product that supplies designs for greeting cards that users can customize. These help samples include the Table of Contents showing a topic from the Windows HTML help file (.chm) and the TOC and a procedure in the tutorial. The help system and tutorial were both created with RoboHelp.

Windows HTML Help sample: TOC Windows HTML Help sample: tutorial

Food Network Recipe Manager

(© Nova Development Corp. and © Food Network)

Food Network Recipe manager is a cross-platform application. These samples show the same topic as it appears in the Windows HTML Help file and in the Apple Help system. The content was developed as HTML files for the Macintosh version and then adjusted as needed and compiled with Microsoft HTML Help Workshop.

Windows HTML Help sample: tutorial Apple Help sample


(© BriteMac LLC)

This is a utility for working with virtual machines created by the original versions of Parallels Desktop for Mac. This example shows a topic in VM2Go Help with a side-by-side Table of Contents.

VM2Go Apple Help sample: TOC

Photo Objects 150,000

(© Nova Development Corp.)

This is a collection of photo-realistic clip art for Macintosh systems that includes a browser. The samples show the Table of Contents (where the right pane shows the subtopics in a selected topic) and a topic of the Apple Help system.

Apple Help sample: TOC Apple Help sample: Topic