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March, 2021:
Updated recent projects.

October/November 2020:
Updated pages and prepared to change web host. Changed web host.

January 2020:
Updated recent projects and educational projects page.

Introduction: Freelance Technical Writer

I have worked as a freelance technical writer for more than twenty-five years. During this time, I have developed help systems, training materials and classes, and technical and end-user documentation. I also edit technical documentation, and can assist in production updates from source file conversions.

Most of my projects have been for companies that produce end-user software products. I have written about software and networking products used with macOS, iOS, Windows, and other operating systems and for cloud-based applications.

Usually, I work as an independent contractor (1099) and am an experienced remote worker — having worked from my home office for most of my freelance career. I also work as a remote W-2 contractor.

Available for Remote Technical Writing Projects

I work, under contract, on a fixed bid or by the hour. To discuss your documentation and training development needs, contact me by email. You can send a message by typing my email address in a blank message or by clicking the address here (or in the header on any page) to fill out a form:

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